Sweatpants Fever!

by Monument

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cassette tape available on keep it together records (www.keepittogetherrecords.com)


released June 8, 2011

recorded and mixed at HQ in silver spring by Monument. artwork by matt leech. mastered by ryan schwabe at maniac mansion


all rights reserved



Monument Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Goddamned Claw Machine
your little touches, playing
our hands are reaching over
our feet are pressed to the floor
we're hardly breathing
tree lines of tall pine
our eyes are marking distance
the signs are moving faster
put your hands all over me again
cut the wheel across the traffic lines
now, spinning out,
spitting blood against the windshield
our heads colliding on the dashboard
our faces cracking with the mirrors
this car is folding all around us
breathe in
breathe in slow
Track Name: Extreme Walrus Juice
lets see how deep it goes
i can't even see the bottom
but that's not stopping us
from trying to see how deep this goes
see the green below
(don't stop till you know you're on your own)
feel the rush of air
(don't stop till you're under water)
don't forget to sink
you're sinking
Track Name: Hey Kid I'm A Computer
feeling the baseboards of my bed
the wood grain slides on my skin
my fingers have got it
sinking deeper into my sheets
falling asleep with all the lights on
my clothes on again
i seem to find everything impossible
i said i'd do it
but i didn't, not today
and i've got a list
of things i'd do
if i had the time
fast asleep with all the lights on
and it's getting old
with my socks still on
and my arm off the edge of the bed
it's getting old
Track Name: Fiestival
here's to the weekend
this is friday night
and these nights are so much harder to find
strange days
when i feel like i am stuck in another time
pick up the pieces and pull them apart
lesson learned never growing up
lets talk just a little too loud
i've knocked back a little too much
my head keeps spinning around
lets see what tomorrow keeps down
pick up the pieces and pull them apart
lesson learned never growing up
pick up the pieces and pull them to pieces
pick up the pieces and throw them away
head out the window you're throwing up
i want those jets and a bottle of something
to help me forget those nights on warm decks

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